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Good water and healthy
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Good water and healthy living go hand in hand

Water should be ideal for multi-purpose use such as laundering, bathing and drinking. A professional water analysis will ensure our experienced technician installs a system that suits your water needs. Aquatek Water Conditioning offers systems to treat your water.

About Us

We have been serving the community, providing water treatment, softening and purification in homes, businesses and industrial establishments since 1952. Over the years, we have become a premier water treatment service provider in the area based on our commitment to excellent customer service and superior work. Our customers are secure in knowing Aquatek Water Conditioning has been owned and operated by the same person since 1978.

Our store is in historic downtown Wauseon, Ohio, but we offer deliveries and installations in the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan area. Our professional service technician is available to install a system that will improve your water. Quality water extends the life of plumbing, water heaters and water-using appliances, making cleaning and laundering more efficient. We install water treatment systems based on your water analysis.

Aquatek Water Conditioning believes in purchasing as many products as possible that are manufactured in the USA. As an independently owned company, we are able to determine what equipment we install and we are not pressed to meet standards set by a corporate office. We maintain professional relationships with the companies we purchase from and our valued customers.

Our locally owned business is licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.


Aquatek Water Conditioning began in Churubusco, Indiana. The business expanded from Churubusco through residential, commercial and industrial sales and deliveries. As a student, Bill Fortier worked for Cesco Soft Water in Archbold, Ohio, running the regeneration for exchange softener tanks. Additionally, he learned the delivery routes while driving for the company and furthered his knowledge of the water business as he assisted in system repairs and installations.

After a change of jobs and working in a local factory, Bill felt the desire to purchase a portion of the water treatment business in Ohio. The timing was good for Cesco Soft Water, as the local business had been purchased by a chemical engineering corporation, based in Indiana, which resulted in the shipping of the exchange tanks from the northwest Ohio region to Indiana. Bill Fortier saw this as costly for Cesco and opportunity to pursue.

In 1978, Bill purchased the exchange tank and rental customers for the Archbold, Ohio area from Chemical Engineering Company and began his local franchise of Aquatek as he had delivery routes and customers needing water treatment equipment maintained. Aquatek had existing water dealers in the region at the time; there was a consideration to follow the business plan set forth for Fortier. However, that did not occur and Aquatek Water Conditioning became an independent dealer. As business grew, so did bottled water delivery in the 1980’s.

Bill expanded his business in 1981 when he purchased Servi-Soft, Wauseon, Ohio. Gene Gorsuch had owned and operated his business from 1952-1978. Bill combined the two businesses and located them at 204 East Leggett Street until 2000 when he relocated to 121 East Chestnut Street, Wauseon, Ohio where the community still finds us today.

Aquatek Customer Reviews

  • "Thank you for a job very well done.  I would highly recommend Aquatek to anyone that needs a water system. Top of the line service and products."

    Dwight C. 2015
  • "It’s refreshing to know there are still companies that respect the customer and give good service.  Thank you for all your hard work!"

    Scott & Terri H. 2006
  • "The product works great; the best tasting water I have. The workmanship and pride he took was over the top; looks great."

    Jeff P. 2016
  • "Fast, friendly service.  Cleaned up after installation. Never knew they were here."

    Ken & Tracy 2003
  • "Friendly knowledgeable service - locally owned and operated. We have city water and love the "feel" of the softened water plus we opted for the odor and taste filter which eliminated the chlorine smell we were experiencing. Professional, affordable service. Would definitely recommend this business."

    Jeff R. 2017
  • "They were prompt & work was great!"

    Lee P. 1999
  • "I’ve had Aquatek Water system for about 15 yrs. Highly recommend. Very professional. I’ve never had a problem with them. Top of the line business. Love, love, love my Aquatek water conditioning system. The best!"

    Jody Y. 2018
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